Simply Engage, Reward & Share Customers!


… with new customers and promote your voucher to customers of other retailers

  • Re-engage with customers by offering vouchers from other retailers
  • Let your customers know they are getting something back for transacting with you
  • Leave your customers with a positive feeling once they have shopped with you

… your customers with exclusive vouchers & deals from other well-known brands

  • Incentivise your customer base to come back and transact with you
  • Inform your customers and let them know you will reward them with exclusive deals from other retailers and service providers (EDM or MMS to your database)

…with others!

  • Collaborate with other retailers and brands to grow your customer base
  • Support others bygiving access to your customers while they do the same for you – a give and take!
  • Yes – you can control which voucher your customers can choose from!
  • Receive high quality leads from the other brands!

Customer journey walk through

Customer orders
Customer is being rewarded
Customer select a voucher
Customer chooses voucher
Customer redeems voucher & get’s rewarded again

Customer makes an online purchase from one of our shop partner

Customer arrives at Ovisto voucher page and selects your voucher

Customer select ONE exclusive voucher

Customer will also receive email of voucher code in order with the option to redeem later

Customer is then directed to your website where they are able to redeem their voucher straight away

Exclusive Deals & Closed Network - Key Facts

How much $$$?
  • Getting involved is FREE
  • NO locked-in contract
  • No monthly / setup fee
  • CPL or CPO remuneration only
Why work with us?
  • simple concept
  • simple implementation
  • simple commercials
  • Simply more business
Simple steps to get involved
  • Integrate your banner on your success page and enhance user experience
    – We can do the banner for you
    – Neto, Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce add-ons availble
  • Provide exclusive voucher for the OVISTO network
  • We do the rest for you – you sit back and watch customers coming!
  • 30% of users select a voucher
  • Up to 10% of users redeem the voucher
  • 86% of AU shoppers plan purchases around discounts & deals available
  • 77% of AU customers say offers increase perception of a brand
  • 82% of AU people prefer digital offers of printed offers

Some of our current partners

Simply download the add-on, and contact us for a trailored campaign.

The OVISTO Australia Team

The OVISTO Australia team has several years of eCommerce and Online Marketing experience in Australia and Europe. Using German state of the art technology and realising a proven concept based on the success in the German market enables the team to successfully take voucher marketing in Australia to the next level and beyond.

Managing Director OVISTO

Matt Rigney Matt Rigney
Commercial Director OVISTO

Claudia Firmenich
Key Account Manager OVISTO